About Evolvere

Evolvere Capital is an investment firm, majority-owned by the executive management team, focused on acquiring mid-market businesses that have strong, sustainable competitive advantages, and significant growth opportunities for value creation in the Andean Region (Colombia and Peru)

THE FIRM IS HEADQUARTERED IN BOGOTA with offices in Madrid and Caracas and has a privileged business relationship with an European Investment Group.

EVOLVERE CAPITAL BUILDS LONG-TERM ACTIVE PARTNERSHIPS with entrepreneurs and managers who need industrial solutions and capital to transform their business.

EVOLVERE STRIVES TO LEVERAGE THE MANAGEMENT TEAM’S proven track record of value creation and over 100 years of collective experience as private equity investors, senior operators, industrial portfolio managers, entrepreneurs and financial advisors to generate significant value to its investors and portfolio companies adhering to the highest ethical principles and standards of excellence.


– Latin – Verb – \ē-’vȯl-ve-re\

To change or develop gradually often into a better, more complex, or more
advanced state. To develop by a process of evolution


elaborate, develop

Related Words:

advance, fare, forge, get along, get on, march, proceed, progress, blossom, grow, mature, ripen, materialize, emerge, play out.

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